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In our over-sterilized and hand sanitizer world, bed bugs are back with a vengeance. Over their centuries of existence, bed bugs have built up a tolerance to pesticides of all kinds.
Did You Know? Bed bugs are not only found in beds.
Bed bugs can be everywhere. From the bedroom to the couch to the office, any place where there are small seams for them to hide in.
Did You Know? Bed bugs like your CO2.
Bed bugs, like mosquitoes and more bugs, are attracted to carbon dioxide. It is the exhaling of CO2 that tells the little critters where you are.
Did You Know? It only takes one mother to raise a village.
One adult female can lay 7 eggs per day for an entire year. That’s a lot of bugs and each of those bugs matures very quickly and starts their own little families.
Did You Know? They can’t see well, but they know you’re there.
Bed bugs can sense your breathing from 4 to 6 feet away. They are like some creepy horror movie.
Did You Know? They don’t need to eat.
Like a supermodel, these little beasts can live for over a year without a meal. That means that leaving the house or cutting off their food supply doesn’t really solve the problem.
Did You Know? You are the fridge.
You and your family are the late night snack for the bed bugs. Bed bugs are nocturnal feeders. While they will eat during the day, they primarily feed under cover of darkness.
There really is only one way to confidently eliminate bed bugs: You have to hire a professional like Anchor Pest Control to exterminate these little monsters. They are so resistant to nearly everything that humans try that only a pro can keep up with the latest techniques. Anchor specializes in Bed Bug Control, Home Pest Control and Commercial Pest Control in NJ.

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How often am I expected to have a pest examination for the house? I do not do any precautionary servicing for dangerous termites...should I be doing this?

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